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What is the PikkuBot?

PikkuBot is a Bot for Second Life®. You can use it to operate automatically an avatar on Second Life®!

What can I do?

  • The PikkuBot can e.g. work as a model in your shops (catwalk)
  • You can use it as a Security System (with waypoints)
  • You can use it for your automatic Group Invitor System
  • The PikkuBot can follow and listen to the master in many ways
  • You can use it to show customers something
  • You can use it as a Camping Bot
  • You can drive cars or fly helicopters

Which features do the PikkuBot have ?

  • » 560 « Premium Version Commands!
  • › 46 ‹ light Version Commands!
  • Zero-Prim Technology (no base station or anything else needed!)
  • Control your Bot with included GUI or via a master avatar
  • The automatic UUID catcher will copy/past each fetched UUID from anywhere at the console direct to your input line!
  • Configure once and you dont need the original Second Live® software anymore!
  • Teleport is included!
  • AutoSit
  • Follow-Mode
  • Robot-Mode
  • You can use the Bot as an invitor for group membership
  • Only uses about 30mb of your computer ram
  • You can start 5 or 10 of these Bots
  • The Bot saves his last Location/Camp-Chair/Sim
  • Easy-Startup (no input needed for second start!)
  • Very stable and reliable, better than any other Camp-Bot
  • Small (about 5mb)
  • IM Support
  • Icons for easy status-viewing of the Bot
  • Outfit of original Avatar, no typical Bot outfit!
  • Seperate Log-Window for the Camping-Chairs
  • Resit-Timer possible
  • Screenplay mode is possible, i.e. the Bot looks, goes, flies and turns to a given file
  • Avatar-Scan
  • Sim-Scan
  • Land-Scan
  • etc. etc.

How much is the Bot?

Please contact our Support-Team ingame (Second Life®) for pricing and more informations.

→ Info: PikkuBot Trial Days
PikkuBot ⇔ FREE Trial-Period ⇒ ONE Week

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