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PikkuBot Shoutcast-Hosting

  • Do you need an easy to use Shoutcast-Server?
  • Do you only want to pay when somebody is listening?

Then choose our PikkuBot Shoutcast-Hosting service.


The initial account for the Shoutcast service will be created when you pay the Shoutcast-Vendor the first time with a minimum of 1 L$, the vendor is located here:

Please remember your password which you will get via a dialog.

When created, your account is accessible via this URL:

Managing your streams

In the main menu you will find “Manage your streams” where you can view/create and delete your streams.

Getting your stream online

The bot will get online under the following premises:

  • The stream is set to “active”
  • You have some L$ in your account

Please wait about 60 seconds till your stream is online on the given port, because the starter-script is running every 60 seconds.

Is it working?

If the stream appears “green” in the stream-list, its online and working. If you clean the slot or set the stream to “inactive” the stream will go offline in about 60 seconds.

When your stream is online, you can begin to stream your music via the given port and the URL:

You can use the “inactive” state for stopping the stream. After service you can set the stream to “active” again to get it working.

You can see the current stream-status in the status-column, try button “Reload” to reload the page and update the stream-status.

Pricing & Duration of service

One important information ist how long your stream is staying online:

See this example:
Hey [Stream-Master], you have 6 streams.
You have 2454.67 L$ in your account
2 Listeners currently, your stream will end at: 2009-04-29 01:33 (122734 minutes left)

That means that if the given date/time (2009-04-29 01:33) has been reached, all of your streams will stop.

  • One Listener is 0.01 L$ per minute. You only pay for the stream, when someone is listening.
  • Times when nobody listens, dont count as stream-time

Every 60 seconds will cost you 0.01 L$ per Listener, Explanation:
1 Listener * 0.01 L$ * 60 minutes * 24 hours * 7 days = 100.8 L$

If you have 10 Listeners all the time:
10 Listeners * 0.01 L$ * 60 minutes * 24 hours * 7 days = 1008 L$

You will see the amount of money in your account in Real-Time!

Repleneshing your account

Filling your account with L$ is easy, visit this SLURL and pay the Shoutcast-Hosting Vendor right in front of the PikkuBot-Shop:

  • Your account will immediately be filled with the payed amount of L$!

Some notes about service & support

  • We have over 2 years experience in Second Life
  • We will inform you timely about changes in Shoutcast-Hosting or end of service
  • We dont give you refund for Shoutcast-Hosting, but if the services ends and there is still money in your account, you will get it back
  • Please notice that we only charge money for Listeners, not for running the stream without listeners
  • We will support you via Ingame IM and E-Mail (
  • We always try to keep the Shoutcast-Server running with a long uptime
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