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Mono-Version for Linux

Heyho, you are cool ;-) You dont need those “KlickiBunti” OS like Windows. You want to run the bot under Linux, thats fine. As with today we dont have a seperate Zip-File for Linux, because its too much work for me and you always will get too old files and i dont want that - really *g*

The only thing is, that you download the PikkuBot.exe from the Download-Section.
You can do this easily with wget on your server:

# wget ''

or with curl:

curl '' > p.exe

Then you can use the little program 7zip for extracting the *.exe file:

# 7z x p.exe

You can get this nice piece of software here:

Now you have this nice piece of software on you linux-system and can follow the instructions of Ren Diqui:

Attention: Please use the System.Data.SQLite.dll in sqlite/linux-subdirectory and in the correct library path for sqlite-support!

Read on: How to install the PikkuBot on Linux from Ren Diqui

Please note, that the Mono-Support is currently very very experimental and without full support, but i will do my best to help you!

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