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PikkuBot Pricing

When you have paid for your Bot license, you can use the Bot for an indefinite period
NO renting, fees or other costs!
NO time limit!
If you need the bot only for a short period or if you dont want them to run on your home-computer, then try our Bot-Hosting service.

Where to buy?

Premium Bot License

» 560 « commands!
→ full version with all premium commands
→ continuous updates
→ regulary feature upgrades
Download here FREE Trial-Period ⇒ ONE Week
First Bot = L$ 6 000
→ each next Bot = L$ 3 000
10 Bots package = L$ 30 000
20 Bots package = L$ 50 000
40 Bots package = L$ 80 000
Unlimited Bots = L$ 150 000

Light Bot License

» 46 « commands!
→ (basic) camping
→ traffic generator
→ model bot
Download here FREE Trial-Period ⇒ ONE Week
First Bot = L$ 1 500
→ each next Bot = L$ 1 500
20 Bots package = L$ 25 000
40 Bots package = L$ 45 000
Unlimited Bots = L$ 100 000

Bot Upgrade

If you want to upgrade from Light to Premium then you have to pay the difference in pricing between Light and Premium.
You can use the vendor in San for this!

Contact us

Friends promotion

You can convince a friend of the advantages of PikkuBot, you get,
after your friend bought a premium license through us, an additional bot on your account.

Please get in contact with Rebekka Robbiani before the purchase of your friend
otherwise no free license can be guaranteed.

Contact us

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