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Heyho, you are looking for PikkuBot-Support? No worries, there are several ways to get help with your Bot. Just choose the way you want, we would prefer the Ticket-System in the User-Area!

1. You can post your problem in the Forum:
PikkuBot Support-Forum

2. You can login to the PikkuBot User-Area and create a Ticket or manage your Bots:
PikkuBot User-Area

3. You can contact our team ingame for support:
Rebekka Robbiani NeverTired Beverly Eves Sinister
Rebekka Robbiani NeverTired Beverly Eves Sinister

Eves Sinister is offline (last Update 2024-05-22 07:52:03)
Rebekka Robbiani is offline (last Update 2024-05-22 07:52:13)

4. You can send a message to our support here:
Your Avatar-Name :
Your Email :
Subject :
Message :
Enter 'HUMAN' :

5. You can send an e-mail to our support here:

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