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Heyho, you like to run the bot with an OpenSim? No problem at all, but .. please pay attention to the following things to become happy *g*

I have installed OpenSim in version 0.6.0 on my Netbook to test it with the bot. After successfull installation, there were several questions which i have to answer to finish the OpenSim installation. I entered my masters name here and said that my sim is in the grid at position 1/1.

After that i created the bot account in the console with the following command:

create user Firstname Lastname Password 1 1

Before i could start the bot, i had to change 2 values in the configuration-file of the bot. You can either do this via the menubar Edit/CONFIG.txt or find a file in the config-Directory with the Name of the Bot at the beginning of the filename and -CONFIG.txt at the end.

The two parameters are:




Thats all!

You can then now start the bot, it will look for his master and then login to your localhost-Simulator at his home-location.

For questions, please use our Bugtracking-System at

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