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General Questions/Answers

Hey there… here are some common questions about the Bot and the answers.

Are there any components in the Bot which are against the SL ToS?
100% ToS-friendly! → The PikkuBot only uses legal functions of the
OpenMetaverse lib)
How many COMMANDS are available in the Bot?
» 560 « in the Premium Version (this includes some aliases!)
→ Advanced technology but still incredible easy user-interface! (GUI with MAP)
→ You can handle the features within 10 minutes!

› 46 ‹ in the light Version (this includes some aliases!)
→ Camp-Bot
→ Zero-Prim Technology (base station or anything else is NOT required!)
Fully supports “security/group-officer, estate manager, advertising,…” jobs and more.
You can automatize your work with ease for Bots as bodyguards at clubs, malls, shops etc.
(UNIQUE FEATURES!) Life-time, free auto-updates!
And what's even cooler - you don't need to reconfigure anything when new versions arrive!
Super-fast speed-optimized source-code.
→ Both GUI and your inworld Bots are highly lag-free!

Do I have to register to test the Bot?
Download, install and start the Bot - no need for registration or any other action!
Is my account/password safe?
There are NO backdoors in this Bot and you only have to enter your Bot passwords.
Do i need an alt. account?
Yes, you need a seperate SL-account for every Bot you want to run.
→ Info: LL currently dont charge money for alt. accounts!
How much is the Bot?
Please contact our Support-Team ingame (Second Life®) for pricing and more informations. Or have a look at this page: PikkuBot Pricing
How many Bots can i run on one machine?
You can start about 10 Bots without problems.
It is possible to run up to 40 Bots (80 on Linux) if your system is in perfect shape, but we give no guarantee. - try for yourself!
→ Info: Increasing your Bot licences is anytime possible!
How many ressources do one Bot consume?
One Bot needs about 30mb of your RAM and approx 5mb HDD space.
How can I control the bot?
Email to IM
Can i trust your service?
We are in Second Life business since 2007! We will not disappear from one day to another - our servers are running stable and continuous for many years …

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