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How to use the builtin telnet-daemon

At first you have to activate the telnet daemon in the bot. You can do this via the command “telnet”. You have to tell the telnet-daemon on which port it listens. If you have an unprivileged account you have to use a port > 1024. I think port 8001 is a good choice:

telnet 8001

You will receive a message if the startup of the telnet-daemon was successful.

Now you can connect to the telnet-daemon via Start/Execute:

telnet localhost 8001

The use of a special “Mud-Client” is recommended, i prefer:

Or alternative download-source:

I recommend this settings for the DF-Client (search for them in the configuration-menu):

Hostname: localhost bzw. richtiger Hostname
Port: 8001
Connection type: MUD
Terminal/Implicit CR in every LF: On
Window/Lines of scrollback: 5000
Window/Translation: UTF-8
Connection/Seconds between keepalives: 30

Save your setup in a session for easier access!

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