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You don't like clouds in the summer ?

Linden just released the new viewer 1.23.4 with lots of changes went live.
take a look at the release notes

One of the most irritating is a new kind of “baking” textures on avatars,
which let most text-based clients, like PikkuBot, look like a cloud.
(what Linden calls “impostors” if I am right ?!)

The current release of our software tries to solve this problem,
nevertheless, this function is still experimental,
so stay tuned to next updates and our release notes

The command which vanishs the clouds into the air is rebake
it needs some time, and sometimes you need to use it more than once, until a bot is rendered as wanted.
(also combined with command wear <outfitfolder> and/or outfit gets me correct results)

I even got some very stubborn bots, which I only got to look correct
after logging them in with the SL-Viewer and rebake the textures with the built-in feature of it.
You will find it under Advanced (enable with STRG-ALT-D) - Character - Rebake Textures
Honestly I dont know if that was necessary,
but it helped and after a while I got all bots looking as sweet as usual ;D


Amberlee, 2012/10/11 03:47:
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