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All Commands (light)

Bot with limited set of commands!
ATM: » 46 « commands / v3.1.5.9

add [UUID]

There is a so called prim-box available in which the Bot saves camp devices which the Bot checks on after the other to sit on.
To show and hid this box use the command ”box”.
To add a camp device to the list of the prim-box use “add” and specifiy the UUID from the desired camp device.

aftersit [avatar]

If a desired camp device is occupied by an other avatar use the command “aftersit” + the avatarname to sit on that device when the other avatar stands up.

anow [text]

Sometimes appear dialog boxes to which you want to respond directly with the Bot client.
With the command “anow” + answertext the Bot responds to the last dialog box.
The Bot will not save that answertext.
see also: answer and ANSWERS.txt

answer [text]

With the command “answer” + Answers.txt the Bot can respond to a question which can be send for example from a camp master.
Example: “are you still there?” with the possible answers “yes” and “no”.
If you set the answer with “answer yes” before the Bot always will respond to any question from any person or object with “yes”.
The Bot saves the answertext and will respond next time with it when asked any question.


autosit & sit & sn [0|1]

Sets AutoSit on/off.


Shows or Hides the PrimBox.

boxthere & bt

Save Prim to the PrimBox.

browser [exe]

Sets the default browser for opening links.

campwords [text, text, ...]

Sets the camp-words.

“campwords” → Show current camp-words.
“$,earn,money,paying” → default camp-words


Shows the default chairlist for camping


Clear prim cache.

del [UUID]

Deletes Campchair from PrimBox.

delay [seconds] or delay [seconds] to [seconds]

Sets the autosit delay.


Drop all Chairs from PrimBox.

help & help+

Shows the helpfile online & Shows the helpfile in a new window.

"Help+" Screenshot

logout & quit & q

Logout the Bot, welcome back *g*!

master [first name] [last name]

Sets the Bots new master.

nocamp & nochair

Setting campchair UUID to NULL.


Displays password and username for the Forum.

pay [L$] [av-UUID]

Rip off all or the given amount of L$ to the Master.

q & quit

Logout the bot


Rebakes the avatar textures if the bot is a cloud

resit [seconds]

Resit after [x] seconds.

restart & reset

Restarts the Bot.


Scans the PrimBox List for free Chairs for camping.

seatof [av-first name] [av-last name]

Sets the prim of the given Avatar as Camp-Chair.

shortcuts & shortkeys

Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI.

ALT + . - Minimize Bot-Window
ALT + 1 - Execute Macro 1
ALT + 2 - Execute Macro 2
ALT + 3 - Execute Macro 3
ALT + 4 - Execute Macro 4
ALT + 5 - Execute Macro 5
ALT + a - Cursor to beginning of line
ALT + c - Attempts to complete the command
ALT + d - Deletes the command line
ALT + e - Cursor to end of line
ALT + h - Show the help+ window
ALT + m - Write Masters-Position to file
ALT + s - Open History-Window
ALT + l - Last Command
ALT + n - Next Command
ALT + q - Abort the random-mode
ALT + w - Activate bot-movement, leave with tab
Cursor up - last complete command
Cursor down - next complete command


Shows description about the shortinfos on bottom of GUI


Shows all available special views

sit & sn

Enable the autosit-feature.

sitthere & st

Sit on Prim.


Is the Bot sitting at the moment?

sleep [0|1]

Try to reduce bots bandwidth-usage


The Bot stands up and ”autosit” will be deactivated.

teleport [sim/x/y/z] or teleport [sim]

TP the Bot to a different location.


Nothing at all except foo bar.

tooltips [0|1]

Shows the tooltips or hides them, restart is necessary


Stand up if sitting and do a resit after ”delay” seconds.

wear [folder]

wear clothes from folder

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