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State of the Art: Camping

Basic Commands:

  • for sitting
    • → sit , st , presit , delay , resit , aftersit , upndown
  • for touching
    • → tt , tn , tp , touchname , onetouch , retouch , retouch2 , retouch3
  • for answering
    • → see answer.txt

New Commands:

  • floating text1))
    • → objects , campwords , alicia
  • ASCII-Arts2)
    • → jva , dia , noise
1) Take care that you enabled objects-mode (objects 1) and set the campwords to default (campwords-).
Activate the floating text recognition system with “alicia 1” and go :)
The bot had to get the campchair in its chairlist, so use an aftersit, or an upndown,
on crowded places it can last one cycle before its working as intended. (Note: Remeber to disable alicia-mode on camping-devices where its not necessary!
2) This ASCII-Art has to be included in an answers.txt
- Activate “jva 1” which makes the bot spit out the dialogue in a way, you can identify the letter which is asked for.
- Switch to dialog-view with “dia”, which opens a numPad, where you can press the correct button.
- Use the command “remember 1” to let the bot fill its ANSWERS.txt with the answers
Some of these ASCII-Art systems scratching their symbolized characters or numbers with some “noise”, making them dirty, so to say.
“noise” will normalize this scratches!
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