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How do you prepare a Bot account

SL account settings

→ Info: LL currently dont charge money for alt. accounts!

  • Login to the Bot account with your SL client.
  • Detach the “newbie guide hud”.
  • Press: ctrl alt shift d
  • → you will get a new menu item; “Advanced”
  • Select: Advanced → Character → Character Tests
  • → uncheck: “Go Away/AFK When Idle”
  • Then select: Advanced → Debug Settings
  • → search for “AFKtimeout”
  • → type in the value box as many 9 as fit in there and hit enter
  • → then should appear the following value : -2147483.750
  • Change the outfit as you like it. (shape, skin, hair, clothing)
  • Give the Bot an AO. (Animation Overrider) ;O)
  • Give the Bot attachments.
  • Create an outfit folder “Bot” (⇒ edit ⇒ appearance ⇒ make outfit) and copy it directly under “My Inventory”.
  • Log out from the SL client.

The PikkuBot uses then with the next login that outfit from the folder “Bot”.
If you choose later an other outfit folder with the “wear” command the Bot records that in its configuration file.

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