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How to present a Sim-Picture on a web-page

Try to run the bot on the webserver or try to install a webserver on the machine where the bot is running, use e.g. XAMPP for this. Its an easy to install package of an Apache webserver to download and install for free.

At first we have to configure the bot to save a picture of the current map to harddisc, including Avatars:

mapavatars 1
mapcoords 1
maptimestamp 0
savemap 1

The output will be written to the following file:


With linux you can easily now create a hardlink to this file in your webserver-directory:

ln [PATH TO PIKKUBOT]/maps/San.png /var/www/html/San.png

Your picture is now accessable for your webserver and you can view it online.

If you have XAMPP running on the host you can set the directory [PATH TO PIKKUBOT]/maps/ to the root directory of your webserver to get access via http to this pictures.

How do you manage to update this picture in regular intervals?
You can use the included Cron-Daemon for this:

Edit the file [PATH TO PIKKUBOT]/config/[BOT_NAME]-CRON.txt and enter a line like this:

0       *       savemap 1

To create a map every hour! Dont forget to give the command cron 1 to the bot to set the cron-daemon to active and reload the configuration file!

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