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How to use the builtin http-daemon

At first you have to activate the http daemon in the bot. You can do this via the command “http”. You have to tell the http-daemon on which port it listens. If you have an unprivileged account you have to use a port > 1024. I think port 8080 is a good choice:

http 8080

You will receive a message if the startup of the http-daemon was successful and some informations for using it:

Example ->[AUTH-CODE]?

You can now start a browser (Firefox for example) and enter the following url:[AUTH-CODE]?uptime

The bot will answer with:

OK: The Bot is running since 28.11.2013 12:13:19 - this is an uptime of 00:01:43.1093750

It works!

Now you can try different commands and if you know the ip of your host, you can initiate commands from another system.

You have to escape some characters to make them work:
Dollar “$” → %24
Ampersand ”&” → %26
Plus ”+” → %2B
Comma ”,” → %2C
Slash ”/” → %2F
Colon ”:” → %3A
Semi-colon ”;” → %3B
Equals ”=” → %3D
Question mark ”?” → %3F
At-Symbol ”@” → %40
Backslash “\” → %5C

If you like to use a Newline in your text, please use the following sequence: %2Fn%2Fr

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