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How to use lists to save group-slots

Everyone has the ability to join up to 25 groups, so many avatars dont join every group and only the most important ones. But how can you communicate with your customer? The solution are the so called lists.

At first we have to create a new list:

createlist Friends

Then we can setup a prim with this script where the avatars can join with a click (feel free to use a sensor):

    touch_start(integer count)
            integer i = 0;
            key who = llDetectedKey(i);
            string name = llDetectedName(i);
            // The bot who is manager of the list
            string botname = "0f1015a9-a7d5-4c40-99c8-ea6d548597e9";
            // Name of the list (must exist!)
            string listName ="Friends";
            // Send to the bot (Put a # in front to prevent output)
            //llInstantMessage(botname,"#addtolist " + listName + " " + (string)who);
            llInstantMessage(botname,"addtolist " + listName + " " + (string)who);

Ok thats all! Now you can inform your customers about updates via the following commands and choosing the created list:

masscheck [avatar-list] - Checks if the given Avatar or Key exists in SL
masseject[!] [group] [avatar-list] - Sends group-ejects to given avatars
massgive[!] [object-uuid] [avatar-list] - Gives the given object to all avatars in list
massim[!] [im-text] [avatar-list] - Sends IMs to given avatars
massinvite[!] [group] [avatar-list] - Sends group-invites to given avatars
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