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Error Messages At Start

Error 1

If you get this error message:

The application failed to initialize properly (...). Click on OK to terminate the application

Then the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed on you PC. please install it!

Error 2

If you get this error message:

ATTENTION: This piece of software is NO FREEWARE , please pay for it - thank you!

Then either the account is not activated or the date/time setting or the timezone setting from your PC isn´t correct. please check your settings!

Error 3

If you get this error message:

ERROR: Cant start PikkuBot, no connection to authentication server!

Then please check following link in the Internet explorer:
…you should get the number 42 as result.

Error 4

If you get this error message:

Login failed: Error retrieving the login response from the server

Then please look into your Inventory-Root for a folder with only numbers in the name - please rename this folder with the gfx-client and try again.

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