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Our website has been updated with many interesting articles, the forum ist back again and - finally there is a new, very stable openmetaverse.dll from the libsl-developers. This gives us the special reason for this very limited pricing!

1A PikkuBot - » L$3000 «
ONE → Single Bot License
(= 1 Master & 1 Bot)


  • This is a Limited Edition of the regular “Single Bot License”.
  • Note: The normal price of the Single Bot License is L$6 000.
  • There are no other differences between the Limited Edition and the regular “Single Bot License” than the price!
  • This is not a part of the “5 Day Trial Version”. You will get a FULL “Single Bot License” without any restrictions or other costs. (so NO expiry!)
  • Increasing your Bot licences is anytime possible!

All you have to do is to contact SILVER COLMAN inworld!

Bots Available: » 0/10 «
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