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New version is coming ...

All servers are up and running as stable as before for a couple of weeks now and there is a new Pikkubot-version coming up very soon.

911 - Servers Down

Unfortunately there was a server down back this weekend.
AUTH aswell as hosting servers were affected.

I beg your pardon if this killed your weekend plans -
it wasnt in our hands, and hopefully now all is solved again.

If there are still issues with your Pikku,
please, contact me and resend your query…

· 2011/09/12 11:36 · Rebekka Robbiani · 0 Comments

cron.txt - Video Tutorial

Often get asked about the cron.txt feature .

The more I'm happy because Gaia Rossini made an english video tutorial about it:

More hints about PikkuBot can be found in her (italian) blog
direct link to PikkuBot topic on Gaia's blog

Summer's almost gone...

Yeah, it's almost gone
Where will we be
When the summer's gone?

I will be at my keyboard again and be able
to answer all your questions, reports and suggestions…

I really beg your pardon
as there are still some tickets which arent answered yet,
but I'm crawling through them at the moment :-)

Accounts on hold...

Just some words about the actions which took place in end of July…

After collecting some infos and responses on tickets,
all the accounts which were placed on hold seems to had
“Missing Real Life Information”

The accounts are not banned,
but “temporarily placed on hold”
so you can file a ticket or use the phone support of LL
to provide the missing infos and reactivate them.

It's unfortunately difficult to say which selection criterion were used to choose this accounts,
as also some were placed on hold which actually were logged in with other viewers/clients or not logged at all,
but as far as I can say and to summarize this
there isn't a problem using your PikkuBot to login a legit SL account. :)

· 2011/08/09 16:51 · Rebekka Robbiani · 1 Comment

Third Hosting-Server is up and running!

Heyho! I have good news for all of you who are using our Bot-Hosting service. The third server is up and running now and ready for use. Btw: You can copy your configuration files easily from one server to another machine within the [Files]-Menu.

The next server will be ready next week!

At the moment we are installing the third server for our Bot-Hosting service. Thanks for your support and your trust in our service. The server will be ready within the next week. We will keep you informed!

PikkuBot-Version release for Hosting & Home

Please download the latest PikkuBot-Version and check out the release notes.

new group limit

hi folx :)

After a long time the lab has heared our crying
and spend us a total of 42 groups each avatar.

It looks like there isn't a problem joining/leaving/advertising
into this 42 groups with the latest PikkuBot.
Ntl. please check this blog and our release notes about updates on this topic
as we are still into testing and tiny bugs usually hide behind dark corners ;-)

If you notice some problems with this new group limit,
you are very welcome to contact me inWorld
or use the bug-tracker in your user-center.

· 2011/02/10 03:01 · Rebekka Robbiani · 1 Comment

Stable Bot-Hosting

We now have 180 stable slots for the PikkuBot Bot-Hosting Service!
In the Hosting-Area you can now choose between two machines, because every server is limited to 90 bots running at the same time.

Thanks for your patience!

· 2010/12/28 22:36 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments

Some changes in hosting...

_ update _ _ _

Please check the hosting area.
Now you can see how many slots are used on the servers
and, if necessary, switch your bots on another one…
actually there should be enough slots for all your bot needs :-)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hi there :-)

Just a quick news on recent changes to the hosting solution:

You may be aware of the relog-issues the bot went through last days and weeks.
Therefore it was necessary to limit the slots of possible bots to connect from our server into the grid.

Please note that this is a “work in progress solution” to offer a as most satisfiying experience of our service as possible.
We also check other possibilities and of course still have a look into that one now implemented.

I will update you in this blog with anything regarding this topic in the next days, so please stay tuned.
Nevertheless you are welcome as always to IM me or send a NC…

For now… A nice holiday to you, folx :-)

new SL usernames

Recently Linden Lab changed the login to just a username and a password.
(maybe because of pushing the “Display Names” - feature … who knows :-D)

But although there are no “Firstname” and “Lastname” anymore for new avatars,
you are still able to login your new avatars with PikkuBot using resident as Lastname :-)

check this page for details: SL-Wiki about usernames

· 2010/11/23 10:46 · Rebekka Robbiani · 2 Comments

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