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Did you know? The 3.00.0 version has a toolbar for easier use of your bot!

Our italian customers...

…should really check out Gaia Rossini's blog

it offers a detailed overview over the installation
next to a list of bots commands with italian description.

Many thanks to Gaia for this awesome work she has done!!
direct link to PikkuBot topic on Gaia's blog

oh, and as I already got your attention now…
I beg your pardon, that you only can be second in soccer world-championship this year. ;)

Your PikkuBot and the 3rd Party Viewer Policy


As already mentioned,
there is no need to worry about this new changes with the 3rd Party Viewer Policy
you will be able to go on using your little PikkuBot(s) :-)

We are still checking if some features possibly collide with it,
and although there's already a new version released ,
you should check our website in the near future about updates to this topic.

Version Download / Release Notes

Policy on Third Party Viewer

Hi PartyPeople.

Linden Lab updates their Policy on Third-Party Viewers to the 1st of May 2010.

Not only the developers, but also users of third party viewers
are responsible to a usage of it within this policy,
so you may take a look to that page, aswell as the official inworld bot policy :-)

Please note that a listing on Linden's Viewer directory isn't mandatory, but just optional!
check chapter 6. of the policy:

We created the Viewer Directory to help promote awareness of Third-Party Viewers 
within the Second Life community. Unlike the other sections of this Policy, 
participation in the Viewer Directory is currently not a requirement for connecting to Second Life.

And as there are some confusions:
Quite some time now it is not allowed to use “bots” to generate traffic on your land,
therefore you can set them here as “scripted agents” in their account

If the land the bot is on isn't listed in the search, there's no need to set this at all.
(although anyway it's not a bad idea, to set them as scripted agents)

This are elder changes and are just in conjunction with the new 3rd party viewer policies
as the bot policy is included in it

Naked Bots, huh?

Yes indeed some of the were naked :-) So i fixed it tonight and released the new version for you.
Please be sure to delete the contents of your textures-directory in the pikkubot-directory before you start the bots. And please wait a couple of minutes after login of the bot. If nothing happens with the outfit try command “wear [folder]”. It still nothing happens, use command “rebake”.
If your bot gets small like a child, try “outfit”.

Its possible that you have to raise the maximum memory consumption of your bot with command “mem”, depending on your outfit and textures.

· 2010/02/07 02:03 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments

Release of stable

Check out the new version and the Release-Notes :-)

Yeah, there is a new Alpha available

Please check out this new version with many improved details. Please report bugs!

Download Alpha

Good luck for 2010

Thanks to all customers for your great ideas and support in 2009. Next year we will bring you some new releases of the PikkuBot - stay tuned :)

· 2009/12/30 23:34 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments (Alpha!)

Anybody who is interested in testing the latest PikkuBot is invited to download the current Alpha here:

Download Alpha

And here all other available versions:

Download Current
Download Beta
Download Old
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Ich brauch erstmal ne Bong

[10:02]  He: se you another time  meine  suesse
[10:02]  Bot: Ich muss mal nach den Kindern gucken ich gehe gleich raus aus SL.
[10:03]  He: solle wir uns widersehen ?
[10:03]  Bot: ich brauch erstmal ne Bong.
[10:03]  He: ?

Kann ich dir helfen?


Irgendwer: kann ich dir helfen?
Bot: Ich kann Dir nicht sagen, ob Du das kannst.
Irgendwer: suchst du wen?
· 2009/10/16 15:11 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments

Ich finde SL voll langweilig ^^

Irgendwer: Hi there, can I help you ?
Pandora: Hi .  Ich finde SL voll langweilig man wird immer von Leuten angequatscht die voll dumm sind.
Irgendwer: Dann geh doch monopoly spielen

Pandora made my day :-)

New Beta-Version available

Feel free to download the new PikkuBot Beta-Version!

traffic changes

to quote Jack Linden:
“We will be moving across to the new Traffic scoring process on Monday 31st August, which means that the Traffic scores you see on Tuesday 1st September will be the new ones.”

“Traffic will be the cumulative minutes spent on the parcel by all visitors to the parcel within the previous day. It will be calculated from the total seconds spent on the parcel, divided by 60 and rounded to the nearest whole minute (up or down). It is calculated in real-time, and will be updated every morning at 1am PST for the previous day.”

complete blog-post you can find here

technological details to “Search Rank and Traffic” by Liana Linden
can be found here

and even moooore details on traffic calculation
you can find in the wiki

· 2009/09/02 18:43 · Rebekka Robbiani · 0 Comments

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