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Group-Invitor with Touch

Use for inviting in groups

The Bot is able to invite in groups full automated or on demand.

Do the following steps:

  1. Activate in the Bot account the group to which the Bot should invite to
  2. Give the Bot the right to invite to this group
  3. Defined in a LSL script in a prim (owner has to be the master or the Bot) you simply send an IM with the following content:
    • invite [UUID of the avatar which you want to invite]
  4. The Bot then sends a group invite to that avatar

…avatars are currently invited with the role “everyone” to the group.

Optional also behind the “invite [UUID of Avatars]” the UUID of the group could be given to find out these. Simple login into the members area on
and goes to the menu item “Groupland”. There is a list of their own groups, at
the link is the UUID of the group :-)
You´ll find the group UUID contained in the link of the group (behind the = )


string botKey = "";     // UUID Bots
string groupKey ="";    // UUID Group

    touch_start(integer count)
       string MSG = "invite " + (string)llDetectedKey(0) + " " + groupKey;
       llInstantMessage(botKey, MSG);

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