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All Commands (Premium)


Full Bot with all commands!
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Preceding any regular command with a '#' will supress its output and make the command quiet.


When bot receives message with first character ”&” the bot will answer on the channel given with channel.

/[av-UUID] [message]

Sends an IM to an avatar specified by the UUID. To find out the UUID use the command ”search”. This function is usually used to answer an incoming IM. If the Bot received an incoming IM the program icon in the taskbar flashes.
The flashing disappears if you click at the program GUI and it is activated. You can deactivate it by using the command ”noflash”.

Hint: Useful can be the list of the persons who sent IMs to the Bot. You will get this list with the command ”im”.

@[group-UUID] [message]

Sends an IM to a group specified by UUID.

Hint: Use alternativ ”members” UUID export” and ”massim…”

?[av-UUID] [message]

Sends a magic message to the given avatar.

![av-UUID] [command]

Sends the output from the command to the given avatar.

/[channel] [message]

Sends a message to the specified channel. usage for example with a title tag.


With this command you specify the UUID of a (camp) chair on which the avatar has to sit on when the chair got available.
If you have not turned off the ”save”-mode the UUID will be saved in a file in the Bot directory on your hard disk.
The activated Chair-UUID will be highlighted in the prim-window with orange.

Hint: If you click on a UUID value in the prim-window it will be automatically taken into the command line.


Shows the copyright of the bot


Aborts the backup-process.

act [text]

The bot emotes the given text. This is like doing a ”/me …” in the regular client.

actionsim [sim-name]

The bot is only allowed to randomshoot/autochat/autogive/autoinvite in this sim if defined

activate [group-UUID]

With this command you can change the active group of the Bot specified by the UUID. (The Bot has to be member of that group!)
“activate” without a UUID shows the active group.
You can list the groups in which the Bot is member with the command ”mygroups”.

activaterole [group-uuid] [title/role-uuid]

Activates the given group-role/title

adaptive [0|1]

Enables or disables the adaptive Login-Timer.

add [UUID]

There is a so called prim-box available in which the Bot saves camp devices which the Bot checks on after the other to sit on.
To show and hid this box use the command ”box”.
To add a camp device to the list of the prim-box use ”add” and specifiy the UUID from the desired camp device.

Aborts the backup-process!

addgroupcache [group-uuid] [UUID]

Builds the cache-file for the given group. This is helpfull to speed up queries as the bot can use its local cache instead of having to download the groupmembers from SL.

addoutfit [folder]

Adds the items to avatars outfit.

addtolist [list-name] [av-uuid]

Adds the given Avatar to given list. (see ”createlist”, ”removefromlist”)

addtorole [group-UUID] [role-UUID] [av-UUID]

Adds the given avatar to given role of given group.

afk [0|1]

Sets the Bot away from keyboard.

aftersit [avatar]

If a desired camp device is occupied by an other avatar use the command “aftersit” + the avatarname to sit on that device when the other avatar stands up.

alert [0|1]

Enable/Disables Alert-Messages.

alicia [0|1]

Enable special answer mode for Camping-Devices with hoover-text. The bot must be able to see the text and campwords must be set to default (campwords-).

allow [0|1]

If enabled, all people can control the bot via the nickname.

always [friend|group|inv|task|tele|anim]

With the command “always” you turn on/off if the the Bot should always accept objects, animation requests or group invites.

annoy [0|1]

Sends Instant-Message to everyone sending “quit!” to the Bot.

anow [text]

Sometimes appear dialog boxes to which you want to respond directly with the Bot client.
With the command “anow” + answertext the Bot responds to the last dialog box.
The Bot will not save that answertext.
See also: ”answer” and ANSWERS.txt

answer [text]

With the command “answer” + ANSWERS.txt the Bot can respond to a question which can be send for example from a camp master.
Example: “are you still there?” with the possible answers “yes” and “no”.
If you set the answer with “answer yes” before the Bot always will respond to any question from any person or object with “yes”.
The Bot saves the answertext and will respond next time with it when asked any question.

answerfirst [0|1]

If an answer is defined, it wins against the ANSWERS.txt.

answers [file]

The bot uses the given file as ANSWERS.txt

apropos [word]

Output of all help-lines containing the given word.

antispam [0|1]

The bot filters out too many dialogs.

asearch [text]

Search for the given text in the attachments of all Avatars.

attach [object-UUID]

With the command “attach” the Bot will attach an object specified by the UUID.
You get the UUIDs with the command ”ls” (or “ls objects”).
The objects will always be attached to the avatar in their default position.

attack [av-UUID|av-name]

Attacks the given Avatar.

attachments [av-UUID]

If you use the command “attachments” without specifying the UUID of an avatar you´ll get a list of all prims attached to the Bot.
If you enter a space behind the command “attachments ” then you´ll get all attachments near the Bot.
If you specify an UUID behind “attachments” then you´ll get the attachments from the specified avatar.

autoban [0|1]

Ban foreign users for Friendship Offers/Object Offers/Group Invitations.

autobite [0|1]

If HUD installed, the bot will try to bite someone in the current Sim

autobuy [0|1]

Automatically buy land which matches your sqm-price.

autogc [0|1]

Automatically do the garbage collection every 60 seconds

autogive [object-UUID] [range]

Gives the given object to any avatar the Bot meets, once in a Sim.

autoinvite [group-UUID] [range]

Invites any avatar to the the given group, once in a Sim.

automute [0|1]

Mute objects after more than 10 OnScriptDialogs in a few seconds.

autopay [L$] [target-avatar]

If the balance of the Bot gets higher than the specified amount the complete amount will be paid to the given avatar or master if no avatar is defined.

autorez [UUID] [num] [height]

In build-Bot mode, rez this object automatically where it is possible.

autosave [0|1]

Switches save to disk on/off.

autoshield [object-uuid]

The bot attaches the given prim while sitting.

autosit & sit & sn [0|1]

Sets AutoSit on/off.

autostart [0|1]

The bot will execute the autostart.txt after login - if enabled.

autoview [0|1]

The bot will automatically download and view offered notecards with notepad.exe


The bot teleports back to the last Sim


The Bot saves all Scripts & Texts to imexport-Directory.


Show Bots L$.

ban [av-UUID]

Bans the given Avatar from current land.


Requests the current banlist about this place.

banwords [text, text, ...]

Group-IM spamming avatars will be ejected from group. (seperate with ”,”)


The Bot searches for land where we can build.

beam [object-UUID]

The Bot beams/points at the given objects.


Requests the current ban-info about this place.

bite [avatar-uid]

If HUD installed, the bot will try to bite someone or the given avatar in the current sim.

botdetect [0|1]

Try to detect Bots in your area.

botinfo [0|1]

Informs the master about Bots.

botkick [0|1]

Auto-Kicks & bans all Bots.


Resets the Bot-Seek in the sky.


Prints out a list with potential Bots.

botseek [0|1]

Fly high up to the sky to seek all Bots there.

bottext [text]

Sets the text the potential Bots are receiving.

bottime [seconds]

Delay before an Avatar can be a Bot.

botwarn [0|1]

Sends warning to potential Bot.


Shows or Hides the PrimBox.

boxthere & bt

Save Prim to the PrimBox.

browser [exe]

Sets the default browser for opening links.

busy [0|1]

Set the Bot into busy-mode… busy text appears in the title.

busytext [text]

Sets the Busy-Text for the Bot.

buygroup [UUID]

Sets the group for which the Bot buys land in lbot-mode.

buythis [L$]

Buy the object the master is pointing at for given amount of L$.

campwords [text, text, ...]

Sets the camp-words.

“campwords” → Show current camp-words.
“campwords-” → Setting camp-words to the default! (“$,earn,money,paying”)
“campwords -” → Setting NO camp-words.

calling [0|1]

Enable Calling-Card support for the Bot. This means the bot responds to commands that have been invoked through conference chat.

cat [notecard|script-uuid|landmark]

Views a notecard, script or landmark with a given uid.

cbot [0|1]

Act as a Chat-Pandora Bot.
See also: ”pandora

cd [folder]

Change to the given inventory path. Case Sensitive!

channel [channel]

When bot receives message with first character ”&” the bot will answer on given channel.

changelog [version]

Whats new in PikkuBot

chatlog [0|1]

Write IMs, Chats and Group-Chat to file.
Target: \PikkuBot\logs\[Bot-name]-CHATLOG.txt

chatrelay [av-uuid|av-name]

Relays the chat to the given avatar via IM.


Shows the default Chair-List for camping


Clear prim cache.

clock [0|1]

If enabled, bot shows the current time and not the uptime


Clears the Log-Window.

collision [0|1]

Shows collision with other objects or avatars.


In Shadow-Mode the Bot teleports to his master.


Count the prims in sight.

cp [object-uid] [folder-name]

Copies the object to given folder.

createlist [list-name]

Creates the given list.

Lists can be used to manage number of avatars for giving out items/notecards/landmarks. They can be used with all mass*-commands.

See also:

cron [0|1]

Activates the cron-functionality as defined in CRON.txt. This lets the bot repeadedly execute commands in intervalls.


The Bot crouches very submissive, back in stand with ”stand”.

dance [0...]

The bot starts the given number of animation in DANCES.txt

debug [0|1]

Debug the IMs the master is sending.

del [UUID]

Deletes Campchair from PrimBox.

delay [seconds] or delay [seconds] to [seconds]

Sets the autosit delay.

descriptionwords [words,words]

In Hunt-Mode stay only on Sims with one of this words in the description.

detach [object-UUID]

Detaches the object from Bot. You can determine the object-UUID with the commands wearables or ls.


Switch on the Dialog-View.

dialogs [0|1]

Switches off all dialogs.

die [date/time]

The bot exits at the given time.

dir [xml|anim|txt|dst|shape]

Lists all Files in imexport-Directory.

distance [meters]

Sets the viewers camera distance. (Default is 128m)


Drop all Chairs from PrimBox.


Derezzes prim the master is pointing at to local Bot inventory.

dwell [0|1]

Enable Parcel-Dwell for command ”geturl”.

dynamic [0|1]

Dynamic IM-answers with file DYNAMIC.txt



Turn bot to east.

edit [file]

Edits the given Configuration-File with Text-Editor for easy editing

egeturl [0|1]

geturl includes informations about the current parcel if activated.

eject [av-UUID] [group-UUID]

Eject an user from a specific group.


Empties the trash-folder.

estate [0|1]

Use Estate-Tools for eject&ban.

estatemsg [text]

The bot sends the given text as estate/region message if it has the sufficient rights to do this.

estats [seconds]

Writes Sim-Statistics to Logfile.

execute [exe]

The bot starts an external program. To enable this functionality the file “NOEXEC.dat” has to be removed from the bot-directory for security reasons.


Exits a telnet session.

face [av-uuid|av-name]

The bot turns into the direction of given avatar

fetch [av-UUID]

Invites somebody to join you by sending a teleport-offer.

find [text]

Searches for the given Prim-Text.

findname [name]

Searches for prims with the given name.

findowner [UUID]

Searches for prims with the given owner.


Searches for prims with copy,move or edit permissions.

findprim [UUID]

Searches for prims with the given UUID and show some information about them.

fixed [0|1]

The bot remembers the last window position and restores it.


Enables or disables the friendlist


Let the bots tray-icon flash to find the bot easily

fly [height in m]

The Bots starts to fly, you can give a height in meters.

follow [av-UUID|av-name]

Following the master is a good idea. (with sim-change) deactivate with a “follow-”

fontface [TTF-Font]

Sets the font for the log-window.

fontsize [pixel]

Sets the font-size for the log-window.


Shows how much memory the bot consumes


Bot offers Friendship, full rights for master.


The bot checks its own friendlist for disabled accounts and removes them (use ”!”).


List of friends with online-status and UUID.


Invokes the garbage collection to free some memory

getfile [0|1]

Send all Avatar/Sim/Prim/Land-Information to file HUNTER.txt in the folder \PikkuBot\log\.


getoff [clothes-name|all] [texture]

The bot drops given wearable and replaces it with given texture

geturl [URL]

Send all Avatar/Number of Avatars/Sim/Prim/Parcel-Traffic/Land-Information to the following URL.

See also: Sample-Files
Example: geturl http://[MY_WEBSERVER].com/log.php


function SL_LOG($text) {
 exec("echo \"".print_r($text, TRUE)."\" | logger");

See also: ”Dwell

See also: geturl_parameters

gimrelay [av-uuid|av-name]

Relays all received group messages to given Avatar

give [object-UUID] [av-UUID]

The Bot gives an Inventory-Item to somebody.

goto [av-UUID|av-name]

The Bot goes to the given Avatar.

grid [from_x] [to_xx] [from_y] [to_y]

The new grid coordinates in the worldmap used for hunting.

griefer [seconds]

Sets the Griefer-Timer for Robot-Functions.

All Robot-Commands

group [group-UUID]

Sets the Group-Key to which the Bot responds when Master is talking.

groups [av-name|av-uuid]

Shows the groups of the given avatar

gsearch[!] [group-name]

Search for the given group-name (use ”!” for exact match).


The Bot sits on the ground.

Hint: Standup with ”stand”!

hail [0|1]

Hailing master when the master is coming online.


Shows the current health of your Bot in percent.

height [pixel]

Sets a custom height of the Log-Window in the GUI (eeepc, aspire, …). You need to restart the Bot

help & help+

Shows the helpfile online & Shows the helpfile in a new window.

"Help+" Screenshot


Exports the current bot help to a notecard and sends it to the master.

hide [UUID|all]

Bot becomes invisible to all or given UUID.


The Bot goes home.

homechair [set]

Sets the homechair on which the bot will sit by default when autosit is enabled.

http [port]

If port is given the bot will start a http-Daemon for commands so you can controll your bot from a webbrowser.

To do this you can call the bot's web-address and append the command. eg: [code] http://<address>:<port>/<bot-uid>?<command> [/code]

You have to escape some characters to make them work:
Dollar “$” → %24
Ampersand ”&” → %26
Plus ”+” → %2B
Comma ”,” → %2C
Slash ”/” → %2F
Colon ”:” → %3A
Semi-colon ”;” → %3B
Equals ”=” → %3D
Question mark ”?” → %3F
At-Symbol ”@” → %40
Backslash “\” → %5C

If you like to use a Newline in your text, please use the following sequence: %2Fn%2Fr

hunt [all|land|moneytree|perms|build|prims]

Hunt for given type. (See also tele.)

huntavatar [uuid|name]

Hunt for given avatar in huntmode “all”.

huntboth [0|1]

If set geturl and getfile will only report prims who match huntowner and huntname otherwise all prims are reported if they match either.

huntname [text,text]

Hunt for given text in the object name and description in huntmode “prims”

huntowner [uuid,uuid]

Hunt for given owner in huntmode “prims”

hunttext [text, text, ...]

Sets the hunt-words.

ibot [0|1]

Act as a IM-Pandora Bot.
See also: ”pandora

ichat [uuid|av-name]

Starts a Chat-Session with the given Avatar, type ”.” to exit


Toggle IM-View on/off.

image [uuid]

Download and view Image in external Viewer as *.tga file

imdebug [0|1]

Debug the IMs the master is sending you.


Exports your current inventory to a notecard and sends it to the master

improved [0|1]

Show Improved-IMs or not

imrelay [av-uuid|av-name]

Relays all received instant messages to given avatar.

invite [av-UUID] [group-UUID] [role-UUID]

Invites to a group.

items [0|1]

Automatically show the item-uuid of offered items.

jabber [0|1]

Enables or disables all pandora-chatbots (ibot/cbot/nbot).


Alias command for “getoff all”

join [group-UUID]

Joins the given group (Join-Request). The command ”gsearch” determined the UUID of a group.


The bot tries to join the group of the object the master is pointing at

jva [0|1]

Shows the OnScript-Dialogs with \n for better building of answers.txt.

keys [0|1]

Toggles Key-View on/off. Command for the old movement buttoms at the GUI.


The Bot lands like a bitch. :-)

last [n]

Shows the last n lines of Bot-Output


The Bot searches for cheap land.

leave [group-UUID]

The Bots leaves the given group.


Tell me something about the current parcel/land.

Parcel Name		        : Hanja  Welcome Area
Parcel Beschreibung       	: 
Parcel Max-Prims	        : 823
Parcel Prims in use (owner)	: 238
Parcel Prims in use (other)	: 0
Parcel Owner-ID		        : 3d6181b0-6a4b-97ef-18d8-722652995cf1
Parcel Owner-Name	        : Governor Linden
Parcel Sale-Price	        : 10000
Parcel Status		        : Leased
Parcel Media-URL	        : 
Parcel Music-URL	        :
Parcel Size		        : 3600 sqm
Parcel Category		        : None
Parcel Flags		        : AllowFly, AllowLandmark
Parcel Auto-Return	        : 5


List all current Bot-Animations.

locate [object-UUID]

Shows the location of the given prim, if its in the Prim-Cache.


Where is your Bot?.

login [saved|home|last]

The Bot logs into the given Sim. (default is “saved” - see "save")

loginuri [uri]

Sets the new Login-URI (e.g. for OpenSim).

logout & quit & q

Logout the Bot, welcome back *g*!

lookthere & lt

Look at Prim.

lookup [av-UUID]


ls [dir]

Shows directories & files in inventory-root or given directory. Case Sensitive!


Look at the prim the master is pointing at.


The Bot looks at a random prim.
See also: ”randomlure

macro [1-5]

The bot executes the given marco.


Shows all defined macros. Max. 5 macros.

Macro 1 isnt defined well - please use "DESCRIPTION	COMMAND|COMMAND|COMMAND" (Tab between description and commands)!
Macro 2 isnt defined well - please use "DESCRIPTION	COMMAND|COMMAND|COMMAND" (Tab between description and commands)!


The bot will list all known magickeys as defined in <bot-firstname>_<bot-lastname>-MAGICKEYS.txt. Use “edit magickeys” to add/change them.
If defined the bot can receive commands from any objects knowing this magic key.

magickeys → foobar

llInstantMessage(botKey, "test"+"^"+llMD5String("test"+"foobar", 0));

mainland [0|1]

Do the landbot only for mainland sims or all sims


Shows the current sim map.

Map Screenshot

masscheck [avatar-list]

Checks if the given Avatar or Key exists in SL

masseject[!] [group] [avatar-list]

Sends group-ejects to given avatars. Use the ”!” to actually start the delivery, otherwise the command is executed in demo-mode.

massgive[!] [object-uuid] [avatar-list]

Gives the given object to all avatars in list. Use the ”!” to actually start the delivery, otherwise the command is executed in demo-mode.

massim[!] [IM-textfile] [av-list]

Sends IMs to avatars in given list. Use the ”!” to actually start the delivery, otherwise the command is executed in demo-mode.

massinvite[!] [group] [avatar-list]

Sends group-invites to avatars in given list. Use the ”!” to actually start the delivery, otherwise the command is executed in demo-mode.

master [first name] [last name]

Sets the Bots new master.

mature [0|1]

In landbot-mode look for “Mature” sims only if enabled

max [kbyte/s]

Sets the Bots max bandwidth consumption.


Prints out the Bots UUID.

megaprim x/y/z

Rezzes a box with given size. If the current grid where the Bot is on allows to create Mega-Prims.

mem [mb]

Sets the Bots max memory consumption.

members [group-UUID] [export]

Reads all members of a group and - if [export] is given - prints them to the console.

mini [0|1]

Automatically minimize after startup.


Shows the current mutelist.

move [x/y/z]

The Bot moves to the given position.

mute [av-UUID|av-name]

Adds an avatar to mutelist.


Shows the current mutelist.

mv [object-UUID] [destination-folder]

Moves the Object to given Folder.

mvdir [folder-name|folder-name]

Moves the Directory to given folder.


Shows the current Bot-groups.

mysti [range]

Displays a message when avatars are in given range


Turn bot to north.

nbot [0|1]

If Pandora is defined the bot answers to sentences in open chant containing his firstname.


Turn bot to northeast.

nickname [name]

The Bot listens for this nickname in the normal chat. Case Sensitive!

“nickname-” → To disable the nickname

nocamp & nochair

Setting campchair UUID to NULL.

nochat [0|1]

Don't write Chat-Messages in Log-Window *g*.

nochatobjects [0|1]

Don't write Chat-Messages from Objects/HUDs in the Log Window.

nodot [0|1]

Remove the ending period from Pandora-Messages

noflash [0|1]

Toggle Taskbar-Flashing On/Off.

nogim [0|1]

Don't display Group-IMs.

noimobjects [0|1]

Don't display IMs from objects.

noise [0|1]

Filter out those Campmaster noise in Dialogs.


Setting the Look-Object UUID to NULL.

norelog [0|1]

Don't relog after Connection lost.

nosimcheck [0|1]

The Bots doesnt verfiy the sim before teleport.

nosound [0|1]

Don't play sounds for incoming IMs.

notepad [path to text-editor]

Defines which Text-Editor to use for command “edit”

nothrottle [0|1]

The bot doesnt throttle the outgoing packets.

notice [group-uuid] [filename]

The bot sends a group notice to the given group (use first line as the subject!)


Setting the Touch-Object UUID to NULL.


Uploads a Notecard to Second Life


Turn bot to northwest.


The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown. Shortcut for ”once”.

objects [0|1]

The object-swtich is needed to turn ON/OFF the saving of objects on commands such as: ”onow, findperms, findname, touchname, retouch3, import, export and hunt moneytree”.
You need to restart the Bot.


Shows how many avatars are currently online in Second Life

oname [name, name, ...]

The Bot remembers the object-name for use with retouch3-timer. It supports multiple words. (seperate them with ”,”)

once [0|1]

The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown.

onemove [x/y/z]

The Bot moves once to the given location when restarting.

onegsit [0|1]

The Bot sits on ground once when restarting

onestart [anim-UUID]

The Bot starts animation when restarting.

onetouch [0|1]

The Bot klicks once on the given Object when restarting.

onlineinfo [0|1]

The bot sends an IM to the master when logging in


The Bot touches objects by name now and saves the retouch3-timer.

open [folder]

Opens the given folder with explorer.exe


Restores your Bot outfit.

pandora [pandora-id]

Your Bot responds to IM.
See also: ”ibot, cbot and realism

party [0|1]

Jumps from one party to another.


Displays password and username for the Forum.

patrol [0|1]

Enables or disables the Patrol-Mode.

patrolpars [X/Y/Z, Range, Random, Wait]

Sets the special parameters for the Patrol-Mode

pay [L$|all] [av-UUID]

Rip off all or the given amount of L$ to the Master.

paytext [text]

Sets the text when paying others or objects.

paythis [L$]

Pay given amount of L$ to the object highlighted by the master.


Adds the current location to the Picks-List.


List all picks of my own avatar.

pings [0|1]

Send pings to the current-simulator.

play [url]

Plays the given url with the defined ”soundplayer

position [x/y/z]

The Bot goes to the given location and stays there! If the so called “Griefer-Timeout” is set and reached (command “griefer”) the bot will teleport to the initial position given via robot.txt and the robot-command “start San/193/139/54”.

precision [+/m]

Sets the precision for fixed-position and robot-position command.

presit [seconds]

Sets the Presit-Delay

price [L$]

Sets the maximum landprice for the Landbot per sqm.

prim [uuid]

Gives informations about the given UUID.

profileabout [text]

Sets your profile about-text

profilepic [texture-uuid]

Sets your profile picture

psearch[!] [place-name]

Search for the given place (use ”!” for exact match)

pt [$]

Pay given amount of L$ to the object highlighted by the master.

punk [0|1]

When running ”findperms”, move all moveable objects in the sky.

purge [days]

The bot deletes logfiles which are older than given days.


Prints the current path in inventory.

quit & q

Logout the Bot.

radar & who

Shows the content of the Avatar-Cache.

randomcommand [0-1000]

The Bot does something from file RANDOM.txt.


randombeam [0-1000]

The bot starts beaming at random objects to scare all people

randomdance [0-1000]

The bot starts random animations from file DANCES.txt

randomlure [0-1000]

The Bot looks at random prims at random times.
See also: ”lure

randompay [amount] [interval]

The bot pays the given amount to people around after given interval in seconds

randomshoot [range]

The bots shoots a random avatar nearby


The bot searches for a random sim and teleports to it. Use the ”!” to search for a sim with avatars in it.

range [m]

Sets the range for ”shadow” and ”follow”.

realism [0-10]

Enables or disbales the realism with Panadora-Chatbot. Enables or disables realism of the Panadora-Chatbot. With this setting is defined how realistic the Bot is answering on IMs or Chat. The Bot will not answer every sentence. With set to 10 it will ignore everything.
See also: ”pandora


Builds all known groups in cache directory again


Record given Question & Answer in dialogs to ANSWERS.txt


Receives offline messages and accepting inventory offers.

regionbot [bot-UUID]

Sets the Bot for RegionIDs.

regionid [region-UUID]

Lookups the sim for given RegionID.

regionrestart [yes]

The bot restarts the current region/estate if it has the sufficient rights to do this.


Reloads the ROBOT.txt, DYNAMIC.txt, ANSWERS.txt, TELEPORTS.txt, MACROS.txt, RANDOM.txt, AUTOSTART.txt and SUPPORT.txt. Bot restart NOT needed!


removefromrole [group-UUID] [role-UUID] [av-UUID]

Removes the given avatar from given role of given group.

removefromlist [list-name] [av-uuid]

Removes the given Avatar from given list (see also "addtolist").

repeat [0|channel]

The Bot repeats all IMs with target master to given channel.


Resets bot-configuration to default

resit [seconds]

Resit after [x] seconds.

restart & reset

Restarts the Bot.


Teleport to the saved location.

retouch [seconds]

Retouch after [x] seconds.

retouch2 [seconds]

Retouch2 after [x] seconds.

retouch3 [seconds]

Retouch-Timer for the object touch (e.g. moneytree).


Returns all prims from other avatars than parcel-owner from current parcel


Returns all prims from given avatar from current parcel

rez [UUID] [num] [height]

Rez an object with the given UUID. Nice effectes there are [num] 500 and [height] 100 *g*

rm [object-UUID]

Deletes the given object from inventory.

rmc [folder-name]

Deletes the content of the given folder

rmdir [folder-UUID]

Deletes the given folder.

robot [0|1]

To use the robot mode first create a text file /PikkuBot/config/[Bot first name]_[Bot last name]-ROBOT.txt
In this file use for each command one line: robotcommand[TAB]parammeter(s)
Save the file and then use the command “reload” to reload the robot script.
To activate the robot mode use robot 1.
To deactivate it robot 0.

All Robot-Commands

roles [group-UUID]

Shows the group-title/roles of the given group.


Turn bot to south.


Saves the current location.

savemap [0|1]

Saves the current map to \PikkuBot\maps\…

say [message]

Let your Bot speak. (channel 0)

scan [0|1]

Scans the PrimBox List for free Chairs for camping.


Starts a Chat-Session, type ”.” to exit.


Saves current Heightmap to a scultpy texture and saves it to disc


Turn the both southeast.

search [av-first name] [av-last name]

Lookup Avatar-Key i.e. for IM.

seatof [av-first name] [av-last name]

Sets the prim of the given Avatar as Camp-Chair.

seek [0|1]

Seeks for the given Text and uses it as Sit-Prim. You can set the text using the ”stext” command.


Shows the last sender of an Instant Message


Sets the Bots home at the current position if possible.


Shows you openmetaverse-settings and network-throttles.


shadow [0|1]

The Bot follows his master to any location. (with sim-change) (“Friends can locate you on the map” must be enabled for the bot in the masters friendlist.)

shoot [av-name|av-uuid]

The bot shoots the given Avatar - happy hunting

shortcuts & shortkeys

Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI.

ALT + . - Minimize Bot-Window
ALT + 1 - Execute Macro 1
ALT + 2 - Execute Macro 2
ALT + 3 - Execute Macro 3
ALT + 4 - Execute Macro 4
ALT + 5 - Execute Macro 5
ALT + a - Cursor to beginning of line
ALT + c - Attempts to complete the command
ALT + d - Deletes the command line
ALT + e - Cursor to end of line
ALT + h - Show the help+ window
ALT + m - Write Masters-Position to file
ALT + s - Open History-Window
ALT + l - Last Command
ALT + n - Next Command
ALT + q - Abort the random-mode
ALT + w - Activate bot-movement, leave with tab
Cursor up - last complete command
Cursor down - next complete command
Steering Commands


Shows description about the Shortinfots on bottom of GUI.

-- Shortinfos: --
[ - Disable IMs from objects (noimobjects)
] - Display local Chat-Messages from objects (nochatobjects)
° - Sleep-Mode is activated (sleep)
^ - Boot-Seek in the sky activated (botseek)
% - Disable all dialogs (dialogs)
~ - Always accept everything (always)
- - Dont display local Chat-Messages (nochat)
µ - Walk Emulation is on
+ - Objects-Mode enabled (objects)
! - No Relog after Failure (norelog)
? - Random-Mode enabled (random)
# - Show Alert-Messages (alert)
0 - Dont save your current location (autosave)
1 - Currently ripping one texture (tdownload)
2 - IM-Repeat is enabled (repeat)
3 - Retouch-Timer3 is enabled (retouch3)
a - Aftersit enabled (aftersit)
A - Autosit activated (autosit)
b - Auto-Buy is activated (autobuy)
B - Busy-Mode activated (busy)
c - Calling-Card Mode activated (calling)
C - Campscan-Mode activated (scan)
D - Debug Instant Messages (debug)
E - Log statistics to file (estats)
F - Follow-mode is activated (follow)
g - Auto-Give is enabled (autogive)
G - Dont display Group-IMs (nogim)
H - Hunt-Mode activated (hunt)
i - Bot-Info to master is active (botinfo)
I - Chat- or IM-Relaying activated (chatrelay/imrelay)
J - Pandora activated (ibot/cbot)
K - Away from keyboard (afk)
m - Auto-Save for map is active (savemap)
M - Auto-Mute is enabled (automute)
N - Static-Answer is enabled (static)
o - Collision-Mode activated (collision)
O - Fixed Sim is enabled (sim)
p - Support-Mode enabled (support)
P - Party-Mode enabled (party)
Q - Turn-Emulation enabled (turn)
R - Robot-Mode activated (robot)
r - Sim-Radar activated (simradar)
S - Shadow-Mode activated (shadow)
s - Silent-Mode activated (silent)
U - Botdetect is active (botdetect)
u - Punk-Mode is activated (punk)
v - Auto-Invite is enabled (autoinvite)
w - Bot-Warning to bot is active (botwarn)
W - Watch-For is active (watchfor)
X - Anti-Spam is activated (antispam)
y - Annoy-Message is enabled (annoy)
Y - Dynamic-Answers are activated (dynamic)

shortwindows & shortviews

Shows all available special windows.

box - Prim-Box
fl - Friendlist
im - IM-View
keys - Key-View
map - Map of current Sim
ml - Mutelist
tl - Teleport History
wl - Whitelist

shout [text]

Let your Bot shout. (Channel 0)

show [UUID|alle]

Bot becomes visible to all or given UUID.

silent [0|1]

Don't answer your master via IM.

sim [sim/x/y/z]

Set fixed sim, e.g. for destruction tests.


Some statistic informations about the current sim.

OK: Here are some of the sim-statistics:
Scripted Objects	68
Total Objects	        1258
Total Agents	        1
Active Scripts	        389

simradar [0|1]

The Bot reports incoming and outgoing avatars via IM to the master. This is not really a “radar” as the avatars must be seen by the bot (be within viewrange and the bot must be facing them).

simrecord [file]

The bot writes sims with the right description to a file so you can revisit them later for a more detailed check.

sit & sn

Enable the autosit-feature.

sitthere & st

Sit on the prim the master is pointing at.


Is the Bot sitting at the moment?

size [sqm]

Sets the minimum parcel-size for the landbot

sleep [0|1]

Try to reduce the Bot Bandwith-Usage.

slide [X|Y|random]

Slide the vehicle to given coordinates.

slm [0|1]

Forward messages from Second Life to master


Enables the autosit-feature.

someone [0|1]

Write “Someone said …” in Telnet-Session.

soundplayer [path to soundplayer]

Defines which soundplayer to use for command ”play


The Bot stands up and ”autosit” will be deactivated.

start [anim-UUID]

Try to start the given Animation.

state [0|1]

Minimize or maximize the GUI-window.

static [text]

Sets a static IM-answer.

stats [0|1]

Enable/Disable Sim-Statistic collection.

status [0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9]

Show Bots status informations :

status 0 - Complete-Status
status 1 - Camp-Status
status 2 - Model-Status
status 3 - Invitor-Status
status 4 - Hunter-Status
status 5 - Other-Status
status 6 - Bot-Status
status 7 - IM-Status
status 8 - Botdetection-Status
status 9 - System-Status

stext [text]

Sets the Text for the ”seek” command.

stop [UUID]

Try to stop the given or all Bot Animations.

store [password]

Stores the password for the forum and user-area for easy access

support [0|1]

Bot uses the supporters-list in SUPPORT.txt for incoming IMs and transmits all IMs to all supporter nicknames.



Turn the bot southwest.


[duration] [av-uuid|av-name] - Starts a particle effect on the given avatar

teleport [sim/x/y/z] or teleport [sim]

TP the Bot to a different location.

tele [sim|simplus|simminus|simplushalf|simminushalf|list|listone] [teleport-list]

Determines the scheme under which the sims to be sought in the Hunt-Mode. Either coincidence by (sim), or sequentially (simplus) (see also: grid) or from a given file (list and listone). (Simsearch-mode)


telnet [port]

Enable the telnet-daemon to control your bot.

terrain [0|1]

Enable terrain-mode which is need for the command “sculpty”


Nothing at all except foo bar.

timeout [seconds]

Sets the current Simulator-Timeout. (default is 30 seconds)

timestamps [0|1]

The bot shows timestamps with every output

timer & timer2 [seconds]

How long do we stay in one Sim in Hunt-Mode before the prims are examined?. The “timer2” is needed for the Hunt moneytree mode.


Shows random Tip of the Day.

titles [group-UUID]

Shows the Group-Title of the given group.


Toggels the Teleport-History view on/off.


The Bot touches the known and saved Prim.


The Bot touches the Prim the master is pointing at and doesnt remember it.

tooltips [0|1]

Shows the tooltips or hides them, restart is necessary


The Bot shows the Top-Scripts of the current Sim if he is an Estate-Manager.


Shows the “Terms of Service” of the bot

touch [object-UUID]

The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and remembers it.

touchname [name]

The Bot touches the Prim with the given Object-name.

touchonly [objekt-UUID]

The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and doesnt remember it.

toward [vector]

The Bot turns to the given vector.


Gives Prim-Information (UUID & Local-ID && Parent-UUID) for the prim or object the master is pointing at.


Show the last teleport-stations from History-file.

tptext [text]

The fetch-command will use this text for teleporting.

try [sim/x/y/z]

Teleport to sim and try again if teleport fails.

trytimer [seconds]

Sets the timeout between teleport-tries.

tupload [file]

Upload texture imexport/[file] to SL into bots inventory


The Bot touches the selected Prim and remembers it.

turn [0|1]

The Bot turns and turns and turns…


Bot revokes Friendship and all rights!

unmute [av-UUID]

Removes an avatar from the mutelist.

unpick [pick-UUID]

Deletes the given UUID from the Pick-List.

unwhite [av-UUID]

Removes an avatar from the whitelist.

update [now]

The bot checks for a new version, downloads and installs it if the command is “update now”

updatetitle [group] [role] [title-string]

Updates a title for the given group

upload [file]

Upload texture imexport/[file] to SL.


Stand up if sitting and do a resit after ”delay” seconds.


Prints out the uptime of the Bot.

usegroupcache [0|1]

The bot uses the file-based groupcache

vampinfo [0|1]

Informs your master about vampire bite-attempts

vampkick [0|1]

Kicks all vampires who attempt to bite the bot

vamppay [L$]

You allow others to bite you for the given amount of L$

vamptext [text]

The warning-text for the vampires who attempt to bite the bot

vampwarn [0|1]

Warns the vampire about your next steps

verbose [0|1]

The bot is more verbose with group-invitation command


Shows current simulator version and your version of PikkuBot.

view [notecard|script-uuid|landmark]

Views a notecard, script or landmark with a given uid.


TP me to the Bot. (Bot will send a TP to the Master)


Turn the bot west.

wait [seconds]

Waits up to [x] seconds to login into SL.
It´s an additional delay time (random number from 0 to seconds you specify) during login

walk [0|1]

Emulates Walking (Random moving).

watchfor [avatar, avatar]

Look for online status of given Avatar every 5 minutes. This only works if the avatars have their online-info visible.

wear [folder]

The Bot will wear the specified outfit directory.


Shows all wearables of the Bot.

whereis [av-UUID]

If you have the rights, the Bot will tell you the position of given avatar.

whisper [text]

Let your Bot whisper.

white [av-UUID|av-name]

Adds an avatar to whitelist. Avatars on Whitelist will not be banned from Parcel in case of Spamming, Botting …

whitelist & wl

Shows the current whitelist. Avatars on Whitelist will not be banned from Parcel in case of Spamming, Botting …

who [.*]

Shows all avatars around the bot


Shows the current wind settings.

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