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All Robot-Commands

See also: ”robot
Use this file for the Robot mode:

[Bot-first name]_[Bot-last name]-ROBOT.txt

Use “robotcommands” in IM or menu to get a list of all commands.

Create this file in the \PikkuBot\config\ directory.
This file has to contain one Robot command in each line.
Parameters follow in the same line separated by a [Tab].

Tip: Use “command <command>” within ROBOT.txt to use any other command from the regular command list.

answer “answer [text]” - Bot answers a dialog with specified text
command “command [command]” - Executes any command the bot knows
findname “findname [name]” - Searches for prims with the given name
fly “fly [height in m]” - Bot flies
gsit groundsit - sits on ground
jump The Bot jumps to the with “rem” described jump mark
land Bot lands
logout Logout the Bot
lookat “lookat [UUID]” - Bot looks towards the object with specified UUID
move “move [x,y,z]” - Bot moves towards specified coordinates
position “position [x,y,z]” - Bot moves towards specified coordinates, target will be checked
q/quit Logout the Bot
say Bot talks in main chat window
seek Bot searches for a specified primtext and let the bot then sit on that prim
shout Bot shouts
sit “sit [UUID]” - Bot sits on object with specified UUID
pause “pause [sec]” - Bot waits <sec> seconds for the next command
slide “slide [X/Y]” - Slide the vehicle to given coordinates
stand Bot stands up
start “start [Sim]/[X]/[Y]/[Z] The bot begins in this Sim (first command in ROBOT.txt)
stop stops the robot mode
teleport “teleport [sim/x/y/z]” - teleports the Bot to the specified position
touch “touch [UUID]” - Bot touches object with specified UUID
toward “toward [x,y,z]” - Bot turns in direction [x,y,z]
type Bot types
wear “wear [dir]” - Bot tries to wear the specified outfitfolder <dir>
whisper Bot whispers

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