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How do you install the Bot client (GUI)

First you need an extra account for each Bot you want to set up.
See How do you prepare a Bot account - SL account settings.

You have to do that steps one time:

  • Download the PikkuBot installation package from here and install it.
  • Then start “PikkuHelper.exe”… thats the tool to create links… create one link for each Bot.
  • Fill out the required information and check “use Pikkustarter”.
  • After that click on “create link”.
  • When created all links for all Bots then exit the PikkuHelper.

PikkuHelper adds for each Bot two files in the Bot directory on your harddisk: one *.lnk and one *.exe

  • Just use the link to start your Bots (doubleclick on the link)
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