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How to use your PikkuBot for Group-Advertisments

Your PikkuBot has some powerful features to be used as group - advertiser.

Either Group-IMs (with command @<GroupUUID> <message>)
or group-notices (with command notice <groupUUID> <filename.txt>)
both can be sent with your Premium License, and be timed automatically with the CRON feature.

  • Group-IMs:

Not very much to say,
send your groupIM to the group your bot is a member of (to get a list of this groups use command mygroups)
and is allowed to open a groupchat-session.


@bd8f114b-8edc-b0c8-2821-6326ce14708b Hello

  • Group-Notices:

Again you need the group-UUID (get with mygroups)
and you have to create a text-document in the C:\pikkubot\lists directory, with the content of the notice.

NOTE: When you create a text-document named “notice” in MS Windows
and you have disabled the filename-extensions (which is default)
still your filename to use with PikkuBot is notice.txt

Use this syntax:
1. line: Topic
2. line: <UUID of a bots-inventory item>
3. line (and every next): Content of your notice

NOTE: The item the bot is offering in the attachment of the notice MUST be in the bots inventory!
So, if you want to send a landmark with the notice , give it to your bot,
use command ls Landmarks to get a list of the bots inventory folder
and finally copy-paste the UUID of the landmark into your text-document.

After this preperation, you can make your bot send this notice with command

notice bd8f114b-8edc-b0c8-2821-6326ce14708b notice.txt
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